13 Electric Vehicle Conversion Companies

13 Electric Vehicle Conversion Companies

Fuel is expensive, but one way to eliminate stops at the pricey pump is to go electric. An electric vehicle (EV) conversion is a procedure that involves modifying a petroleum fuel-powered vehicle into an all-electric vehicle. If your commuting needs and lifestyle are such that you can go electric with one or more of your vehicles, here's a list of companies to get you started.

Depending upon where you're located, there may or may not be one of these companies within a reasonable distance. If you're not within driving distance, choose a company on this list that will sell you the parts for a DIY conversion, or hire a reliable mechanic to do the hard work for you.

Companies That Offer DIY Conversion Kits

  • Canadian Electric Vehicles Ltd. CEV was established in 1991 to convert internal combustion engine vehicles to electric power-including heavy-duty diesel truck conversions for the airline industry. In addition to selling conversion kits for many vehicles, they offer components for modifications and offer custom-build options. Their customers include governments, industrial companies, and private individuals.

Conversion Companies

  • Clean Ride Electric Vehicles Located in Minnesota, this company restores and electrifies classic VW beetles from top to bottom. They replace the internal combustion engine and fuel system with an electric motor and 6 12-volt lead acid batteries and upgrade standard components. These all-electric VWs offer a 20- to 30-mile range with a top speed of 50 mph.
  • EVPorsche.com Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, and Los Angeles, CA, this company can convert any vehicle to all-electric power but specializes in Porsche sports car conversions due to their dependability, lightweight design, and engineering. They offer a wide variety of battery, range and model configurations to meet driving styles and needs. Speeds for their EVs: 0-60 in about 5 seconds or even faster with 2 motors and series to parallel switching.
  • Eco-conversions This company specializes in converting regular gas burning cars into clean electric machines-they have zeroed in on luxury vehicles with their benchmark, the BMW 8-Series, aiming to “shatter the image of the traditional electric car.” They recently partnered with eVionyx, an American company that has developed superior charging nickel-zinc batteries.
  • Electric Vehicle Systems - Based in New Underwood, SD, this company offers complete repair services for all-electric vehicles, using the latest technology. According to their website, most repairs of a two-wheel electric scooters run $45. Call them to learn more.
  • Electro Automotive - Located in Felton, CA, Electro Automotive was founded in 1979 as a single source for quality conversion components. According to their website, Electro Automotive “believes in electric vehicles built to live in the real world.” They are all about EVs that are simple in design, easy-to-use, reliable, affordable and practical.
  • Electric Vehicles of America (EVA) - EVA provides free detailed calculations for specific all-electric applications, from industrial, on-road electric car or truck, off-road EV or boat. They also offer free technical papers on safety, batteries and conversion details, in addition to system design, supplier data and drawings, installation manuals and videos. Located in New Hampshire.
  • EV-Blue/Electric Blue - Based in Kansas, this company will convert any gasoline burner to electric-you supply the vehicle, they do the conversion. Their basic option includes a 144V battery and charger for $11,000. AC, heat and power steering are extra. Call or email for additional details.
  • EV Source LLC - Located in Logan, UT, this company provides high-quality electric vehicle components to the high performance, high voltage EV conversion market. From speed controllers, fuses and breakers to assembling your own conversion kit, they know how to help you go all-electric.
  • Green Motors Inc. - Based in northern Arizona, Green Motors converts standard vehicles to electric power, in addition to servicing, maintaining and refurbishing all types of electric vehicles. They offer service support for the DIYer, plus sales of parts. Visit their products page for a current list of available vehicles.
  • Metric Mind Corporation - Based in Oregon, Metric Mind Engineering (MME) is an international company that supplies high end AC drive systems and other EV components. According to their website, MME "is a single source of all the main electronic hardware necessary to complete an EV conversion.”
  • REVOLT Custom Electric Vehicles LLC - This company provides design, building and maintenance services for electrical vehicle conversions in the Austin, TX area.
  • Wilderness Electric Vehicles - Located in Utah, this company specializes in electric car conversions. You supply the vehicle-they provide the conversion in 3 to 4 months. They also offer a variety of kits to convert to electric. Call or email for additional details.