Explaining the French Expression: Tant Mieux

Explaining the French Expression: Tant Mieux

Expression: Tant mieux

Pronunciation: ta(n) myeu

Meaning: that's a good thing, it's just as well, even better, all the better, so much the better

Literal translation: so much better

Register: normal

Notes: The French expression tant mieux is an easy way to say that you're pleased about something or for someone.


  • Tant mieux pour lui.
    Good for him.
  • La fête est annulée.
    Tant mieux, je n'avais pas vraiment envie d'y aller.
    The party's cancelled.

    It's just as well, I didn't really feel like going.
  • Ce fromage est délicieux.
    Oui, et en plus il est allégé.

    Tant mieux !
    This cheese is delicious.
    Yes, and it's low fat, too.
    Even better!


tant pis - too bad, never mind

Reader Comment

"This reminds me of a fantastic (mis)translation that went the round at my old school (50 years ago) for tant pis, tant mieux: 'My aunt, having relieved herself, felt a good deal better.' " -Perry